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Carole Oddie

September 2013

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Carole Oddie and Mr. Hansen's Humanities class!
We are heading into an exciting year of student publication; reading and writing in various genres.
7th grade students are learning how to write book reviews for publication as well as previewing the popular books in the class ; this is a review for 8th grade
Students practice reading and writing in various genres for multiple purposes and in varying context..
We will begin our creative writing study with free verse poetry. We celebrate publication of poems in a book called Creative Communications.
At the end of the school year students' showcase their poems at Barnes& Noble.

In both grades of social studies, students use a bi-monthly current event magazine "Junior Scholastic", that involves political, social and economic issues of the day, as well as geography and mapping.  Students also have access to the online replica edition of the "New York Times".

7th grade's major period of study will be World War II and the Holocaust; this class will visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City in the spring.  

The 8th grade's major period of study will range from the age of reform before the Civil War, through the Civil War, then afterwards to Reconstruction.  The culminating study will be a field trip will be to Washington, D.C. in late spring. 

"Choose an author as you would a friend"-----Wentworth Dillion

Following are copies of letters sent home:

September 4, 2013

Dear Parents of 7th and 8th Grade Students:

I am requiring that students use a dictionary and a thesaurus when they are doing written work at home.  Not only is it necessary for them to use these resources for Language Arts and Social Studies homework; a dictionary and a thesaurus are required in high school. (Please note:  if your child has a Kindle, Nook or similar electronic device, they can use this device instead of a hard copy dictionary).  I am also requiring that students have an assignment notebook or pad.

If your child does not have a dictionary or a thesaurus, please purchase either or both by Thursday, September 12th.  Please note:  The dictionary used at home must have a minimum of 75,000 entries; the thesaurus should be comparable in size. 

Thank you,

Carole C. Oddie

NOTE:  Please detach at dotted line below, and return by Thursday, September 12, 2013.


I, the parent of ______________________________________, have received this notice. 


                                                            YES                                        NO

My child has a dictionary:                  ____                                        ____

My child has a thesaurus:                 ____                                        ____


Signed:  _____________________________________________________

September 4, 2013

Dear Parents of 7th and 8th Grade Students:

Students are required to read a minimum of 30 minutes per night, Monday through Thursday.  During the weekend—Friday, Saturday and Sunday—they must choose two out of the three.  Reading on holidays may be assigned as they occur.  Students need to spend at least 30 minutes, uninterrupted, during their independent reading, in order to gain the benefits of fluency.  Please help them find a regular place (not in bed) to read without interruptions. They need to have a quiet, regular place to read without distractions; it is very important that the 30 minute read is uninterrupted time.

Thank you for your continued support.

Carole C. Oddie, Mr. Hansen


NOTE:  Please sign below and return as soon as possible.

I, the parent of______________________________________, have received this notice.