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Cassie Bourgeois


Mrs. Bourgeois

In Pre-K and Kindergarten students are making their own rainbow pattern paintings. Students learned about different lines of design and made several lines on their paper using black liquid tempera then we talked about the color wheel and filled it in using a rainbow pattern.

In 1st and 2nd grade students are learning about drawing from reference. I read a book about rockets and space shuttles and the students viewed images of shuttles and rockets and are drawing and painting a space themed artwork.

In 3rd and 4th grade students are learning about the working artist Kimmy Cantrell. Students are designing and constructing masks out of cardboard based on Kimmy's clay masks

In 5th and 6th grade students are learning about color. They are working in groups of two to mix a monochromatic scale using liquid tempera and then produce a landscape artwork that reflects this.

In 7th and 8th grade students are learning about the artist Jean Michel Basquiat. They are using text , symbols, simple drawings and "clues" to create an abstract artwork that tells a story, solves a riddle or advocates for a cause.

Parents and students please contact with any questions or concerns at and I should be able to respond quickly. Please note that I am out of the building on Thursdays and Fridays but can be reached via email. 

Upper school parents: If your child has been absent for art or needs to make up an assignment I am very flexible about allowing the students to do so at home given that the work produced relects the same standard as what I require in my assignments. Please contact me if your child has incomplete assignments and I will be happy to discuss and design possible make up work.

Please note: Unfortunately I cannot accept make up work later than two weeks prior to the end of the marking period due to the grading process. 

I always encourage students to bring in any additional artwork they produce at home!!!